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Bhedifarm Self- Help Group’s Christmas: Community Service



Monday, 15 December,
Bhedifarm Self- Help Group, associated with ACN, starts its Christmas celebration with an exemplary service to the community. This time, its time for some cleaning in the community.
The self-help group did a full-phase cleaning campaign in its community, raising awareness about the need and importance of clean and healthy community. The group invited ACN staff to join hands in its new campaign approaching Christmas. Trash-bins are now placed by the group at regular and fairly close distances to help develop a sustainable cleanliness in the surrounding. The staff of Health and Sanitation Department along with Empowerment Department also participated in the campaign.
The purpose of the campaign has been to raise awareness while spreading the message of Christmas- the celebration of birth of Christ who cleanses hearts.
The message will hopefully create a positive vibe in the community and slowly take them one-step closer towards an empowered and healthy community.