Health and Health Awareness | Asal Chhimekee Nepal

A holistic development of community is not said to be complete without health. The Asal Chhimekke Health and Health Awareness Programme focuses on the health sector of the community.

The programme has a dynamic range of implementation modes. Basically, the self- help groups are approached for the programmes. Asal Chhimekke has various staff skilled and trained for the project implementation in a fine spectrum of administrators, facilitators and health specialists.

We approach various communities in awareness against prevalent hazards like drug- abuse, HIV and sanitation issues. Tools like training seminars and documentary video- shows are set up for effective administration.

Apart from these, some individuals in the community requiring immediate medical attention, if seen, are consulted and effective measures are taken with partnership with other organizations for the required treatment.

Health Awareness Programme exploits other projects in Asal Chhimekke Nepal for conducting many of its programmes like awareness trainings in Nawajeewan Rehabilitaion and Empowerment Project.

To understand the working and effect of this programme, exploring some of the stories may be helpful.

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