Education - Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education

To contribute towards inclusive and equitable quality education by facilitating improved access to school education, adult literacy and vocational training for poor and marginalized communities.

ACN has prioritized inclusive and equitable education as one of the important components for community transformation, and ending poverty in all its forms. ACN believes that education plays an influential role in individual life and society. ACN works together with local communities, Government schools, school management committees and parents.  

The programme aims for the following major outcomes:

  1. Increased awareness among parents and communities on the importance of education for children.
  2. Increased school enrollment.
  3. Reduced school dropout.
  4. Greater access to vocational skills with increased employability for adults and youth.
  5. Increased access of people living with disability to education.
  6. Increased capacity of schools for quality education.
  7. Increased literate adults in communities.
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