ACN’s one of the working approach is formation of self-help groups, building capacity within the groups and facilitating them to identify and solve the needs of their community in a sustainable way. Currently, we have 15 Self-Help Groups in Kaski district and 20 Self-Help Groups in Nawalparasi district. Each group consists of 20 to 25 women.

Asal Chhimekee Nepal

Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) presents a video to introduces ACN work in community transformation. 

Back to the Earthquake Resilient School

Susma Nepali tells a story about her school reconstruction in this video, which highlights the ACN response in Nepal Earthquake of 2015. 


In Commemoration of Nepal Earthquake of 2015 by ACN

Four years after the devastating earthquake, we would like to share a video of ACN’s long term programme in response to the devastating Gorkha earthquake of 2015. See, how ACN had been able to support the poor and disadvantaged communities in their rehabilitation by reconstructing community infrastructure, fostering livelihoods & health and develop resilience for the future disaster.

The intervention- ACN's contribution to women empowerment.

The intervention is a story of a self-help group in Nawalparasi- Nepal. This is a journey of transformation of simple village women to dynamic leaders.

ACN Health Camp

ACN organized women’s cervical cancer screening STIs Uterine prolapse camp in kaskikot, Pokhara in coordination with the district public health office, Kaski.

A Short video of Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation endeavor by PCC / ACN

Asal Chhimekee Nepal ( an endeavor of Pokhara Christian Community) has recently started working in the relief and rehabilitation of the victims of earthquake in Nepal. Here is a very short video, a glimpse of the foundations and implementation of this new operation.

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