Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) is a faith-based organization. It was founded by the Pokhara Christian Community (PCC) with a vision to create positive change at the grassroots level. Our team consists of committed and responsible individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. They are the backbone of ACN (Good Neighbor Nepal). We are grateful for the support of those who believe in our mission and for the opportunity to serve those who benefit from our work on the ground.


Following are the list of individuals taking responsibility as an advisor and as a member of executive committee for 3 years.

1Bharat Bahadur GurungChairperson
2Muktinath DhakalVice-Chairperson
3Prakash GhartiSecretary
4Prakash ChhetriTreasurer
5Nar Bahadur PariyarMember
6Bhabindra Rana MagarMember
7Til Bahadur GiriMember
8Pushpa Raj GiriMember
9Christina Subba TamangMember
10Mashina LamaMember
11Sarada GautamMember


  • Dr. Deependra Kumar Gautam
  • Ram Bahadur Rokaha
  • K.P Tripathi
  • Ved Bahadur Tamang 
  • Hariram Ghimire

Management Support Team


  • Coordinator: Muktinath Dhakal (Vice-chairperson, Executive Committee)
  • Member: Prakash Gharti (Secretary, Executive Committee)
  • Member: Prakash Chhetri (Treasurer, Executive Committee)
  • Member: Ram Bahadur Rokaha (Advisor, Executive Committee)
  • Member: Rajendra Kumar Adhikari (Executive Director)  

Internal Management Team

  • Executive Director
  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Executive Officer
  • Finance Officer
  • Admin Officer
  • Program Coordinator
  • Program Officers
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