Being able to read and write, again!

My name is Rajkumari Tamang, 43 and I live in Shantitole -1 Pokhara. I am a homemaker.

ACN organized Continue Literacy (Adult literacy) Classes in our area in coordination with the ‘Himnadi’ Self-Help Group and I also joined the class. I had a very much desire for reading and writing. I had done my studies up to grade five. I did not continue with my studies so I had forgotten everything.

After completing the two months of the literacy classes, I have again recognized Nepali and English alphabets and numbers. Now I can read and write sentences. Before, I had to request to my daughter to dial the phone number for me but now I can find names from the contact list and make call on my own. I am able to write letters and write SMS on the mobile phone. Before, I had to request others to note contact number and write SMS for me.

I was able to achieve 3rd position in the exam after completion of two months of literacy classes and received certificate which made my husband and daughter very happy. Now my other friends who did not join the class, are regretting for not joining the classes and want to join class if it is conducted again. I am also a treasurer of my tole development organization. Previously, I faced difficulties to fulfil my duties as a treasurer as not being able to read and write and without basic mathematic knowledge. Now I am able to do this which makes me more confident.

Now I feel that I have received light in darkness. Now I can write SMS immediately in case of any emergency and share information. I ignored my age and joined the literacy class which helped me to read and write again. I have understood the importance of education and so I encourage others to do the same.




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