Where we work

ACN Central Office is located in Pokhara, Kaski District. ACN works in four districts of Nepal. These are as follows.

1. Kaski

ACN has been working among poor communities of Kaski district since its establishment in

2. Nawalparasi

ACN expanded its work to include Nawalparasi focusing on serving poor and marginalized
groups with in this district.

3. Gorkha

Gorkha was the epicenter of the devastating earthquake in 2015. Since the earthquake, ACN
together with Pokhara Christian Community (PCC) has been actively responding to the needs of the affected people with relief, recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

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4. Parbat

On 17th July 2018 heavy monsoon triggered landslides in many parts of Nepal. Jaljala Rural Municipality of Parbat districts was one of them. ACN together with Pokhara Christian Community (PCC) responded with immediate relief supplies. Among the affected families, 21 houses were swept by the landslide. These families are not able to build their house as they come from a poor economic background and majority of them belong to a so-called low caste (Dalit). In order to support the affected families, ACN initiates a project called ‘Private House Reconstruction Support project-Parbat’ to provide construction materials and technical support in reconstruction of their houses.    


ACN is committed to ‘End poverty in all its forms’ and is striving to achieve this by serving poor and marginalized communities and individuals without any prejudice, empowering them to fight against all forms of poverty including – disease, illiteracy, ignorance, injustice, oppression, discrimination, disaster and other vulnerabilities.


ACN works together with government, local communities, women’s groups, child clubs, and networks and other non-government organizations. ACN creates opportunities for churches, partners, donors, and communities to take active roles in community transformation.


ACN is grateful to government, our funding partners, prayer supporters and many individuals, groups, churches and communities without whom, achieving the vision is not possible.

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