Educational material support eases the burden of parents

Karuna Pahadi (7) and Karishma Pahadi (9) are two sisters who are studying in grades 3 and 5 respectively. They live with their parents in ward no 7, Pokhara, Kaski. Their father works on a daily wage basis and earns NPR 700 per day. Their mother Lalita Pahadi can perform limited household activities after she got fractured on her arm.  She was not able to afford an operation she needed. Due to a delay in treatment, her operation was not successful. Since then she has difficulties moving her arm and lifting heavy materials.

Her mother Lalita Pahadi told to us,” Due to COVID-19 lockdown, my husband had no work and we were struggling hard to manage our daily expenses. However now lockdown is over but my husband hasn’t been able to go and find a work regularly. A few years ago, we used to send our daughter to a private boarding school but due to our poor income, we could not manage to meet the expenses of a private boarding school. Then we admitted our daughters to a nearby government school. Both girls were anxious when they had to leave the boarding school and they thought that their new (government) school would not be as good as the previous one.  Currently, their school is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, their school remains closed and they are studying by streaming a channel program from a Radio. They want to go to school soon. However now lockdown is over so some schools are opening and some are planning to open with safety precaution. Lalita Said,” When my daughter’s school called them to receive stationeries, my girls were very happy.”

Both Karuna and Karishma were glad to get a new school uniform, shoes, and school bag with other stationery as they knew that in this situation their parents could not afford to buy for them. They said, “This support will help our parents free from the burden to buy these stuffs for us. Thank you! “


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