Relief to the family of people with disability in this COVID-19 lockdown

Prem Lama Pun, 60 years old. He lives in a one-room house in slum area in Pokhara. His wife has physical disabilities caused by paralysis 20 years ago. He needs to take care of his wife (She is unable to perform her personal work). He works as a daily wage laborer in the construction site to earn for the living. Due to his age, he could not hear properly and needed to speak louder. In this lockdown of COVID-19, his situation is different because due to lockdown no work and no earning.

ACN received a recommendation from his ward office for the relief due to his wife’s disability and no income from his daily wages works. He received food packages that will last for more than a month for his family. He is thankful to ACN for providing the food packages in this COVID-19 lockdown. 

The Relief package consist of essential food supplies:  25 kg of rice, 1 kg of lentil, 1 kg of salt, 1 ltr of oil, 1 kg of pea, and 2 pcs of hand washing  soap.  

It this pandemic of COVID-19, we are with the most vulnerable in order to sustain them in this crisis. Right now, we are providing relief packages of essential food supplies to the needy.


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