"Together we can make a difference"

(The Social Initiative of Pokhara Christian Community)

Asal Chhimekee (Good Neighbor) Nepal is a faith-based nongovernmental organization situated in Pokhara, Nepal. Formed by Pokhara Christian Community (PCC) as a social initiative in 2003, it committed to serving poor and marginalized communities to bring positive transformation through improving health, education, livelihood, empowerment, capacity enhancement, and rehabilitation of women with drug and alcohol dependency, disaster response and resilience.

Our Programmes

Peaceful and Inclusive Society

Contribute towards the development of a peaceful and inclusive society with a specific focus on women and children.

Education- Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education

Contribute towards inclusive and equitable quality education by facilitating improved access to school education, adult literacy and vocational training for poor and marginalized communities.

Safe and sustainable society

Help the most vulnerable groups of people affected by a natural disaster to cope with the disaster and increase the resiliency of communities towards future disasters.

Nawajeewan Treatment and Rehabilitation

 Help women with drug and alcohol dependency to live a dignified life in their families and communities through overcoming addiction.

Disaster Resilience and Assistance Program

Help people to recover from the effects of disasters with aims to restore their lives and community and increase their resilience for future disasters.

Health and Promotion

Improve access to basic health services, and enhance the health status of poor and marginalized communities.  

Our Impacts

Relief materials distribution
Skill development trainings
Health awareness classes

Some Highlights