DI2A7668In the village of Bharpak, the epicenter of last year’s earthquake, people are slowly starting to rebuild their lives. Almost every house in this village was destroyed, but day by day remnants from the broken houses are being salvaged and tin is replacing tarpaulins and tents. However winter has hit hard and with an altitude of 2260 meters, for those who are still in tents or even those living under tin, it’s very cold. On Sunday PCC/ACN with support from INF, distributed blankets, beanies, shawls and jackets in Bharpak. At the request of local government authorities, 1457 households received a bundle which will help keen their family warm and cozy.  There are around 25 households who were missed out to make identity cards will be covered on the next trip to Gumda as it was requested by the village leaders.
From midday till midnight last Saturday, young people from local churches were helping with packing the supplies into bundles and then onto the trucks. The team of ACN and INF staff along with church pastors and young people, traveled together with trucks of supplies to Bharpak on Sunday. The local people welcomed the group and were very grateful for the practical help. Every person who received one of the bundles had a story to tell of their experience of the earthquake and how they have been surviving since.

DI2A7637As well as the practical help PCC/ACN were able to offer, the local church pastor said that he was especially grateful that churches in Pokhara were showing such concern for the people of Bharpak. He said it demonstrated to the whole community that churches are willing to care for those around them. He said it was an example of being salt and light as Jesus has commanded.
Yesterday and today the young people from
Pokhara churches and the staff of ACN have been packing again. Two big trucks along with one of INFN left early morning at 3 pm to Gorkha with 14 staff and volunteers to help. There were 6 4×4 wheeler trucks waiting in Barhakilo near Gorkha Headquarters to received supplies from those trucks to Gumda.  Gumda neighbors Bharpak so was similarly affected by the earthquake, however Gumda is more remote again. Gumda has 645 households (with some extra if obviously there are households who do not have identity cards) and each will receive the same blankets, shawls, beanies and jackets as in Bharpak.
We have prepared the rest of the packs for the next village. WYAM DTS team, volunteers from the churches in Pokhara, staff from RC EKTA Lamachaur helped and worked hard in packaging.  As informed by District Government, other organisations have reached Laprak and we will be assigned another village for help and we are waiting to hear about that.
Please pray for the team as they are travelling out again for distribution. Pray for safety as they travel and that the goods they take would be of both practical help and encouragement to those who receive them. And pray for the people of Bharpak, Gumda and other villages nearby. That they would be keep safe through this cold season and that rebuilding work could progress quickly.


EKTA Books team in Kathmandu specially Mr. RC Timothy, his family and staff team who greatly supported our team to acquire supplies by dealing with the suppliers and arranging payments for the supplies as it was not possible for us due to distance to do so.  INF, who helped us by providing staff, vehicles and finance.  Brother Christopher who had YWAM DTS international team – he sent them to help in packing supplies. The churches in Pokhara for sending their people to help and they participated in the trip.  The generous givers for this project and you all who have been very much part of us in prayers and supporting us in many ways to respond to the needs of people hit by the earthquake and the recent intense cold.

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