RELEIF MATERIALS to the earthquake affected HHs from DDMC and INF

House reconstruction materials support to earthquake-affected people of the Bajura district

According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Nepal is considered to be the 11th most earthquake-prone country in the world. Therefore, small and big earthquakes occur gradually. This time 5.9 magnitude earthquake hits in Bajura district last January and April disrupting life there. According to statistics, such earthquakes have happened 10 times in a year in Bajura alone. Bajura was the epicenter.(
However, this is not the first time, that Nepal has seen such a disastrous earthquake. In fact, Nepal is still recovering from the 2015 earthquake.

Families of Gaumul Rural Municipality and Badimalika Municipality were living in temporary shelters of tarpaulin given by the team of disaster management (DDMC) of Bajura District. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rainfall, the families had difficulties to survive. Therefore, on May 29, 2023, Asal Chhimekee Nepal distributed 30 CGI tin sheets and 9 items of house reconstruction materials to 22 earthquake-affected families of Gaumul Rural Municipality and Badimalika Municipality in collaboration with INF Nepal and the local government.

Mahalakshmi Hama, an earthquake-affected of Badimalika Municipality Ward No. 2 Jugada, said that her house was damaged by the earthquake. We used to stay in other people’s houses to stay safe, sometimes we used to sleep in the same risky house. After distributing the materials, she happily said that now all the problems will be removed.

We have found the necessary materials for the reconstruction of a safe house. Hama mentioned that they will build a house in a few days and live there. The earthquake-affected families, who have not been able to live safely so far, will be relieved after the reconstruction of the house.

A local Newspaper ‘Najik News’ has published news on the distribution of house reconstruction materials to earthquake-affected people in Bajura district. ( may 30, 2023)

Follow the link below: नजिक न्युज | बाजुरामा भूकम्प प्रभावितलाई आवास निर्माण सामाग्री वितरण (

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