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Empowering Youths

In Pokhara Metropolitan City of Kaski, Kushma Municipality of Parbat, and Hupsekot Rural Municipality of East Nawalparasi, ACN has successfully completed a project that aimed to develop the skills and capacity of young individuals. A total of 155 participants were trained in plumbing, basic house wiring, commercial cooking, and mobile device repair. The training also included proposal writing and entrepreneurship development, and basic material provided after CTEVT examination registration was done by the organization. The project was supported by INF UK and coordinated with the local government. ACN provided business seed money to 15 individuals who started new businesses after the training. Monthly discussion meetings, monitoring, and mentoring were also offered to all participants who completed the training. An impact assessment conducted at the end of the one-year project showed that 68% of the participants are now employed or have their own businesses, with 58% of the participants experiencing economic growth of more than 31%. Investing in youth is crucial for building a better future, and ACN is proud to have made a positive impact in these communities.

Follow the link: युवालाई सीपमुलक तालिम – Samadhan News

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Door-to-door awareness program against Drugs Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

In accordance with the notification of the Home Ministry, Recovering Nepal Gandaki Province coordinated with the District Administrative Office, Kaski, and called for the week-long awareness program on drug awareness and illicit trafficking on the occasion of “36th World Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”.

This year the international slogan “People First: Stop Stigma and Discrimination, Strengthen, Prevention” and the national slogan “United against Drug Abuse: Commitment of Individual, Society, and Nation” On 22nd June 2023, Asal Chhimekee Nepal also organized the door to door event as a part of week- long program.

The program started at the ACN office Pokhara-1, Simpani, and passing the way through Harichowk, Tudikhel, and Taxi Chowk, and ended at the ACN office mobilizing Himanadi Self-help Group.

In the program, we reached individual houses to raise awareness against drug abuse and illicit trafficking and distribute some leaflets of the Nawajeewan Female Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Program. Thus, various organizations and the local community engaged with the organizing team. The presence of Mr. Sahara Pradhan Chairperson of Ward No. 1 Pokhara Metropolitan City, Chairperson of Community Police Mr. Ram Prasad Adhikari, Chairperson of Drug Control Mother Group Nepal Mrs. Kalpana Acharya, Ward Representative Mr. Junkaji Gurung, Mr. Indramani Sharma of Ward Bagar Police Office, Mr. Shyam Narayan Lamichhane, Pushpa Dhulakoti and Juna BK and Chairman of Shanti tole Mr. Vijay Shahi were at the event.

Altogether 39 people including, the Secretary of the Executive Committee and staff of Asal Chhimekee Nepal participated in the event. Overall the program was good and effective to raise public awareness.

RELEIF MATERIALS to the earthquake affected HHs from DDMC and INF

House reconstruction materials support to earthquake-affected people of the Bajura district

According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Nepal is considered to be the 11th most earthquake-prone country in the world. Therefore, small and big earthquakes occur gradually. This time 5.9 magnitude earthquake hits in Bajura district last January and April disrupting life there. According to statistics, such earthquakes have happened 10 times in a year in Bajura alone. Bajura was the epicenter.(Source:himalsanchar.com)
However, this is not the first time, that Nepal has seen such a disastrous earthquake. In fact, Nepal is still recovering from the 2015 earthquake.

Families of Gaumul Rural Municipality and Badimalika Municipality were living in temporary shelters of tarpaulin given by the team of disaster management (DDMC) of Bajura District. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rainfall, the families had difficulties to survive. Therefore, on May 29, 2023, Asal Chhimekee Nepal distributed 30 CGI tin sheets and 9 items of house reconstruction materials to 22 earthquake-affected families of Gaumul Rural Municipality and Badimalika Municipality in collaboration with INF Nepal and the local government.

Mahalakshmi Hama, an earthquake-affected of Badimalika Municipality Ward No. 2 Jugada, said that her house was damaged by the earthquake. We used to stay in other people’s houses to stay safe, sometimes we used to sleep in the same risky house. After distributing the materials, she happily said that now all the problems will be removed.

We have found the necessary materials for the reconstruction of a safe house. Hama mentioned that they will build a house in a few days and live there. The earthquake-affected families, who have not been able to live safely so far, will be relieved after the reconstruction of the house.

A local Newspaper ‘Najik News’ has published news on the distribution of house reconstruction materials to earthquake-affected people in Bajura district. (www.najiknews.com may 30, 2023)

Follow the link below: नजिक न्युज | बाजुरामा भूकम्प प्रभावितलाई आवास निर्माण सामाग्री वितरण (najiknews.com)

Educational Materials Support to flood-affected schools of Dang

On 7 May 2023, ACN provided educational materials to 324 students of Dang districts in cooperation with the local government.
A few months ago, Gadhwa Rural Municipality, Dang was completely submerged due to the flood in Rapti River. Although the flood did not cause human casualties, it damaged ripe crops, houses, schools, and many others.
After receiving a request for help from the local government, Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) has distributed educational materials for school children of 8 schools.
There were 36 items of educational materials including Computers, ECD classroom setup materials, Stationeries materials, etc.