Participants, ACN staff and church members for a group photo

Tailoring Graduation Ceremony

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A graduation ceremony was held at Pokhara Alliance Church, Chauthe on 10th of May for the students/participants after the completion of a tailoring training that took place for 4 months. The ceremony was held under the facilitation of the “Pokhara alliance women’s group”.

The ceremony started with a prayer and graduated towards welcoming and honoring of the chief guests. The chief guests included the teacher of the training, an elderly person from the  church, ACN  board members, the associate pastors of the church and director of ACN, Mr. Rajendra K. Adhikari and the representatives/staff of the Community Empowerment and Livelihood Programme, ACN: Mrs. Roshini Gurung Tiwari and Mrs. Tabita Lewion.

The participants shared about their experience and what they gained from the 4 months of learning period from the training. Along with that they also shared about how they’ve been bringing every little skill that they learned to use by sewing uniforms and other clothes for their children. Some of them also encouraged the others by sharing how they even earned about Rs.1500-3000 from the tailoring skills they acquired

“Initially we were quite ignorant about all of these and most of us were very introvert. We lacked proper and effective communication skills. We weren’t able to face mass. But as we gradually went on with the training phase, we got to learn much from our teacher who turned out to very cooperative and kind to each one of us. We came to know about the importance of team work and unity. We realized that such skills are inevitable for women like us, especially for our empowerment. Now that we have officially completed our course we are confident that we’ll bring whatever we learnt to good implementation. We are full heartedly grateful towards ACN for making it possible for us and we’re also thankful towards our teacher who patiently guided us.”

Collectively the participants shared about what they learnt and also extended their gratefulness towards ACN for granting them the opportunity to attend such an useful and skill-oriented training.

Along with the participants, almost everyone seated in the honorary panel were given certain time to speak a few word of inspiration and congratulations.

Here is a gallery from the event.


Kaskikot, Kaski, Nepal

15 th of May, It was a cold, dark and unpredictably foggy here in Kaski. Staff and volunteers from Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) and District Public Health Office (DPHO) gathered early in the morning at the ACN premises, Bagar, Simpani. Everything and everyone was set to leave for the “Women’s Health Camp” organized for the women in Kaskikot VDC. The planning and making of the structure for the program were done considering the availability, willingness and needs of the local women. Along with that, mobilizing the local self- help groups was also one of the motives.

166 women from the local community were benefited from the camp. Here is a short video of the event.