Asal Chhimekee Nepal | Annual General Meeting | AGM | Group Picture

ACN celebrates Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Asal Chhimekee Nepal celebrated its 12th annual general meeting (AGM) on Sunday, 21 September in the presence of Executive Members, Staff,Church Representatives and General Members at Pokhara Baptist Church.

The function was conducted with the Dr. Deependra Kumar Gautam as the Chairperson and Pastor Rambahadur Rokaha as the honorable Chief- Guest. Pastor Rokaha did the inauguration of the 12th year bannner and Mr. Ramprasad Sharma held the responsibility of the host.

The programme had various segments including welcome,worship, sermon, distribution of recovery certificate and shawls to successful Nawajeewan clients, financial reports and annual reports. The programme also decided selecting Mr. Devraj Paudel as the auditor for year 2070/ 71 B.S.

The function was successful in arising the sentiments of the members as primary responsibility-holders. Everybody, in the end, was glad that ACN had successfully completed its another year of service and was looking forward to an even brighter future in its serving and empowering poor and marginalised communities. “12 years of service”, wrote the banner that was neatly designed and stood at the center of the stage. A crowd of enthusiastic and excited members from many different churches in Pokhara Valley had gathered where the function seemed not only about a formal meeting for an obligatory annual function but about a platform where the the past years could be remembered with all its challenges and the excitement as well as a glance at the even brighter future to encourage a combined approach towards community service with the hands of the gospel. Sharing pictures and memories of some encouraging achievements and challenges was a common occurence.

It can be concluded that the programme served not only as a formal meeting of all the members and staff but was also successful in refreshing the hearts and spirit of gospel that all present.