Closing Ceremony of Gorkha Earthquake 2015 Response Programme and Social Audit 2018/19


On Phagun 10, 2075 (Feb 22, 2019), Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) conducted a joint programme for Social Audit 2075 and Gorkha Earthquake Response Programme (Disaster Resilience Assistance Programme) closing ceremony in presence of Chief Guest, Honorable Minister Ramsaran Basnet, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Gandaki Province.

Social Audit 2075 was ACN’s fifth Social Audit. The programme was facilitated by representatives of Radio Gorkha (community Radio of Gorkha) – Mr. Narhari Sapkota and Mr Bikash Marhattha. There was a significant number of participation of stakeholders including government officials of national, district and local levels and beneficiaries from Kaski, Nawalparasi, Gorkha and Parbat districts. The main purpose of conducting Social Audit 2075 was to share information about the achievement of the fiscal year 2074-75 (2017-2018), work implementation as well as organization’s governance, finances and to receive feedback from stakeholders in order to make the programmes more effective in future.

Gorkha Earthquake 2015 Response Programme was the programme initiated in response to the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April 2015. Beyond the initial relief phase, ACN has been continuously working to support the resilience of the earthquake survivors in partnership with many generous people and organizations who provided resources to us and in very close coordination with the government and other line agencies. Throughout the programme period, ACN has been able to provide relief materials to the earthquake survivors focusing on the most needy and isolated communities for their survival. Similarly, ACN  has been supporting recovery of health and livelihood, reconstruction of schools, health posts and ward office, conducting reconstruction skill training (mason, plumbing and electrician training) to support the reconstruction of the infrastructure including houses, as well as building capacity of people/communities by carrying out Disaster Risk Reduction trainings. The highlights of the intervention were presented at the ceremony.

ACN was highly appreciated for its contribution in response to Earthquake 2015 by the communities, government officials and other participated stakeholders. The Chief Guest and other distinguished guests highlighted in their speeches that ACN has set a model how the project should be carried out and how the government agencies should be coordinated and therefore, has a potential in future to work for and with government.

 ACN had an opportunity to express its earnest gratitude to government agencies, all supporters, donor agencies, volunteers, contractors, staff-team, PCC, and communities for their generous giving, prayers, direct or indirect involvement, and encouragement in work and for coordination making all possible for us. For ACN, it was an honor and joy to be a part of the effort in serving those who were in need of help and to be a channel of blessings to them.


Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) conducted its fourth Social Audit on Magh 12, 2074 (Jan 26, 2018) for the work of 2073. The event was conducted as a participatory workshop that was facilitated by Mr. Krishna Prasad Awasthi (Executive Director of NEST) who is an expert in the field. There was a significant number of participation of stakeholders including Government Officials from Gorkha, Nawalparasi and Kaski districts. The main purpose of conducting Social Audit 2074 was to share information about the achievements, work implementation as well as organization’s governance and receive feedback from stakeholders in order to make the program more effective in future.

Here are some of the pictures of the programme.


Tailoring Graduation Ceremony

IMG_5554 Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) conducted  4 months “Tailoring Training” at Bhumlichowk and Ghyalchowk, Gorkha. Training has been successfully completed with the encouraging participation of 36 trainees. The graduation ceremony took place on 23rd January 2018. The ceremony began with welcoming the Chief Guests. The Chief Guests, the Chairperson of ACN Board, Chairperson of Gandaki Gaun Palika, teachers of the training, the staff of ACN and trainees attended the program. The participants shared their experience and confidence level to work independently and support their livelihood. Tools like sewing machine were distributed to the participants, whereas two interlock machines were handed over to the best students of the training.


Free Animal Health Camp

Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) organized a three day free animal health camp in Amaltari, Kawasoti-17 and Sherganj, Kawasoti -15, Nawalparasi from (15-17th Oct, 2017). It was an awesome project by which more than 260 households were benefitted from the service. Ward Chairman Mr. Chabilal Mahato, Mr. Bhadri Bahadur Deuda and Deputy Mayor of Kawasoti Municipality Mr. Prem Sankar Mardaniya (Tharu) were present as the chief and special guests of the program. The program was successful conducted under the coordination of district livestock office, Kawastoti- Nawalparasi and Christian Veterinary Mission. On the program, approximately 5000 animals were provided with medical services.


Relief Support For Nawalparasi Flood Survivors

Incessant one week’s pouring monsoon rainfall worst of last 15 years, since 10th August 2017 has triggered worst flooding horribly affecting 35 districts of Terai regions; including Nawalparasi. PCC/ACN in coordination with NIS, local community, local & central government and other related stakeholders; was able to extend helping hands for those flood affected families of Nawalparasi in three phases with essential relief materials ranging from food items, health promotion items, special hygiene kits, winterization pack, maternal and infant health kit, tarpaulins, food safety barrel, sophisticated water filters and water purifying medicines, trauma healing campaigns etc.

1st phase        = 611 Households (within a week of flooding)

2nd phase      = 923 Households

3rd Phase       = 1252 Households (especially designed for disabled, single-women, pregnant &   postpartum women)

Total population = Approximately 17,000 (including women and children)



35 Days Village Animal Health Worker Training Successfully Completed

Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) conducted a 35 days Village Animal Health Worker (VAHW) Training at Kantipur Bahuprabhidik Shikshalaya, Bharatpur, Chitwan. 24 participants from Gorkha and Nawalparasi participated the training. 9 out of 24 participants were female during first training. The training started on 16 July 2017 and ended on 23rd August 2017. Similarly, the training was conducted for the second time with 18 (11 M and 7 F) participants successfully completing the training. Tools like bardizoo, horn cutting wire and castration rope was provided to each student at the graduation program. The training started on the 4th Sept 2017 and was ended on 18th Oct 2017.

Handover of schools to the Government of Nepal and Local Community

All three schools reconstructed by ACN were handed over to the Government of Nepal and the local communities of Shreenathkot, Gorkha.  The schools included Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School, Shree Janajagriti School and Shree Arkul Primary School officially handed over on 9th -10th June 2017.

ACN has been actively involved in reconstruction of health posts, village office building and schools in Gorkha after the relief for the people affected by the massive earthquake in 2015. These schools have been constructed in conformity with the government guidelines. Along with the school building, ACN also provided colorful furniture for pupil and classes are already running. Pupils are enjoying new chairs and desks they feel big about themselves. It is a big change for them as they were in worn out shelters. One of the teachers stated that this was her great experience in her life to work in such a new school building with attractive furniture and to instruct students and further said that it was her pride. The schools look really good and attractive.

Government representatives, journalist, local leaders, PCC members and ACN staff were present during the handover programs.


The schools were funded by:

Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School – GZB, Netherlands

Shree Arkul Primary School – Friends for Nepal in Sweden

Shree Janajagriti Primary School- BSN, Netherlands




Children WASH Camp

Children WASH Camp was conducted by Asal Chhimekee Nepal on 29th May 2017 at Bardhaghat, Nawalparasi. The main objective of the WASH Camp was to improve the children health by teaching them about personal hygiene. Teaching them about having good personal hygiene practices leads to having a healthy life as well. The information and communication of the program were done with 4 of the local churches and church leaders from Bhadipidit –Tole, Bardhagat, Nawalparasi as well our self-help groups; many of them respectively responded positively to attend the program. During  Children WASH Camp: health teaching, creative drawing of personal hygiene posters, practically demonstrating about brushing teeth, combing hair, bathing, cutting nails and how to clean our wound etc were used as methodologies to understand by the children. To engage them volunteers have done some singing and told stories. There were 412 numbers of children altogether (237 female and 175 male).



Altogether 5 health posts in Gorkha were handed over to the communities in the recent days. Shreenathkot health post, Ghairung health post, Ghayalchowk health post, Bhumlichowk health post and Amppipal health posts were handed over respectively.

ACN has been taking its initiatives in rebuilding of health posts in Gorkha after the Earthquake in 2015. These health posts have been built in accordance with the government guidelines. ACN has also handed over multiple health posts in the district.

Along with the health post buildings, ACN also provided with free pharmaceutical supplies for three months alongside other medical equipment and furniture.

Government representatives, journalists, PCC members, ACN staff and volunteer were present during the handover programmes.

Participants, ACN staff and church members for a group photo

Tailoring Graduation Ceremony

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A graduation ceremony was held at Pokhara Alliance Church, Chauthe on 10th of May for the students/participants after the completion of a tailoring training that took place for 4 months. The ceremony was held under the facilitation of the “Pokhara alliance women’s group”.

The ceremony started with a prayer and graduated towards welcoming and honoring of the chief guests. The chief guests included the teacher of the training, an elderly person from the  church, ACN  board members, the associate pastors of the church and director of ACN, Mr. Rajendra K. Adhikari and the representatives/staff of the Community Empowerment and Livelihood Programme, ACN: Mrs. Roshini Gurung Tiwari and Mrs. Tabita Lewion.

The participants shared about their experience and what they gained from the 4 months of learning period from the training. Along with that they also shared about how they’ve been bringing every little skill that they learned to use by sewing uniforms and other clothes for their children. Some of them also encouraged the others by sharing how they even earned about Rs.1500-3000 from the tailoring skills they acquired

“Initially we were quite ignorant about all of these and most of us were very introvert. We lacked proper and effective communication skills. We weren’t able to face mass. But as we gradually went on with the training phase, we got to learn much from our teacher who turned out to very cooperative and kind to each one of us. We came to know about the importance of team work and unity. We realized that such skills are inevitable for women like us, especially for our empowerment. Now that we have officially completed our course we are confident that we’ll bring whatever we learnt to good implementation. We are full heartedly grateful towards ACN for making it possible for us and we’re also thankful towards our teacher who patiently guided us.”

Collectively the participants shared about what they learnt and also extended their gratefulness towards ACN for granting them the opportunity to attend such an useful and skill-oriented training.

Along with the participants, almost everyone seated in the honorary panel were given certain time to speak a few word of inspiration and congratulations.

Here is a gallery from the event.