LOCKDOWN STORY: Dhan Bahadur Chalise

Dhan Bahadur Chalise, lives in a rented house in ward no. 9, Pokhara. He used to work in a factory, but due to his physical disability, he could not work long term in the factory. After that he tried to several other places to get a decent work and although he have had some of them, but he couldn’t meet the expectation of the owner due to his limitation therefore causing him to be at home since last year. 

He in his family is with his wife and a son. He supports his wife by fulltime parenting his son and also by doing household work. His son is in grade one.

Mina Chalise, his wife, also has a physical disability. She does laundry and dishes washing job in two different homes and there she gets NPR 2500/- per month from each home. Additionally, she also sells lemon on the street for extra income. This is how she manages all the expense of the family and education expenses of her son.  She is doing very hard work. 

In this COVID-19 lockdown period the situation seems to be different, the house owner from one house informed her not to come to work until the lockdown is over. Also, she can’t sell lemon since the market is closed. It has been a month of continuous lockdown so there is no way of earning and making money for the survival of family.

Both husband and wife thanked ACN after getting food packages that will remain for a month. They said “This is a great support in this COVID-19 lockdown and we are very thankful for the support. We feel cared to receive support in this crisis”.  


Dhan Bahadur and Mina, originally from Sindhupalchowk district, one of the worst affected district in the Earthquake of 2015. Their house destroyed completely in the earthquake and they lived in a temporary shelter for one year. After one year they moved to Pokhara for the opportunity of getting work. 

COVID -19 Relief story for websit

Relief to the family of people with disability in this COVID-19 lockdown

Prem Lama Pun, 60 years old. He lives in a one-room house in slum area in Pokhara. His wife has physical disabilities caused by paralysis 20 years ago. He needs to take care of his wife (She is unable to perform her personal work). He works as a daily wage laborer in the construction site to earn for the living. Due to his age, he could not hear properly and needed to speak louder. In this lockdown of COVID-19, his situation is different because due to lockdown no work and no earning.

ACN received a recommendation from his ward office for the relief due to his wife’s disability and no income from his daily wages works. He received food packages that will last for more than a month for his family. He is thankful to ACN for providing the food packages in this COVID-19 lockdown. 

The Relief package consist of essential food supplies:  25 kg of rice, 1 kg of lentil, 1 kg of salt, 1 ltr of oil, 1 kg of pea, and 2 pcs of hand washing  soap.  

It this pandemic of COVID-19, we are with the most vulnerable in order to sustain them in this crisis. Right now, we are providing relief packages of essential food supplies to the needy.


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Health and Dignity with the Toilet Construction

We felt the need of toilet for our family but we could not afford to construct. Now, we have it. I am so pleased. Thank you Asal Chhimkee Nepal (ACN) for supporting us to construct the toilet.

Sulinda with her daughters

Sulinda Sahani, 34 years old, resident of Badsar village in Sarawal- 6, Nawalparasi. She able to construct toilet in her home with the support from Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) in 2018.

She shared “There are 9 members in my family including six daughters and one son and husband. My husband is only one who earns for our family and he works in Brick factory. He hardly earn enough to manage our daily needs and fed to our kids. We could not save money to construct toilet. Even we felt need of toilet in our home. We don’t like to go other fields for toilet but we don’t have option and we used to do so. Open defecation (outdoors defecation) is so much shameful, can’t tell you how we manage without toilet at home. Shame and Snake fear had been always bothering us while going to field for toilet”.

One day she heard that Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) formed a group (Self-Help Group) in her village in which she also took membership from where she came to know that ACN is providing water and toilet construction and maintenance program to help poor and marginalized to have an access to water and sanitation through construction and maintenance of water well or hand pump and toilet. 


After finishing the construction of toilet with the support from ACN, she shared to us “I am very pleased that now we have a toilet in our home. My kids are also very happy as they don’t need to go to others field for toilet and they don’t have to be ashamed nor be scolded by others. We feel very comfortable with this toilet and we all use it.” 

ACN was able to support 30 families in Nawalparasi in construction and maintenance of toilet in last year (fiscal year 2018/19). Sulinda Sahani is the one of the beneficiary.    

adult literacy class - Kaski

Joy of being able to read and write

Bhagawati Bhurtel 58 years from kudahar-10, Pokhara expressed her joy with us after being able to sign, write and read her own name. She shared her joy with us.  


I was 10 years old when I lost my parents, after that, I had to take care of my family members. Though I had not opportunity to go to school, I managed to send my little brother to school and he completed his high school studies. I didn’t want to get married but my elder sister somehow convinced me to get married at my early age.

After marriage, I started to sell fruits and vegetables. I was happy that I was able to send my children to the school and they completed their high school studies. In fifteen years of selling fruits and vegetables, I felt many times if I had basic mathematics knowledge and an ability to sign, read and write my own name because I had experience of being cheated by customer many times while returning cash. In the past I was also in a situation where I couldn’t write, read nor record my own phone number.

Once my neighbor came to me and shared with me about the literacy class. She shared that it was for those people who had limitation to read and write. After listening to her I wanted to join the class, I stopped selling fruits and vegetables and joined the literacy class organized by Asal Chhimekee Nepal.

Now, I have completed four months of literacy class. I learned Nepali and English alphabet, and numbers.  Now, I can give my signature, read and write with some basic math knowledge. I can say my mobile number and note down others mobile number as well. Happiest thing in my life after adult literacy class is that I can teach Nepali and English alphabet and numbers (ABC & 123) to my grandchildren who are in the Montessori level.  It makes me so happy.

I am able to achieve the first position in the exam after completion of four month literacy class and we had a graduation program. My son shared my graduation picture on his Facebook and my many relatives and friends congratulates me which made me so happy and confident. 

I am very grateful to my teacher for helping me and guiding me in my pace to learn. I would like to thank Asal Chhimekee Nepal for providing this opportunity.

This year, 180 women participated in the literacy class of ACN. 


sarita pic- Nj

Sarita’s journey from street life to a better life

Sarita Lama, 32 years old from Kavre. She has one son and daughter. She was a drug and alcohol user. Her life was full of tragedy and struggle. But she continue to struggle and fight for herself and for kids. Finally, succeed to overcome her addiction. She would like to share her life story.

My mother left me when I was 1 year old and my father and grandmother passed away. I left alone. Due to community pressure, my uncle agree to let me stay with his house. But I had to work for them, I used to bring grass and wood from the jungle. While I was growing up, slowly my uncle started to treat me well. I was happy as I thought that my uncle loved me but soon I realized that my uncle trying to sexually abuse me. Then I left uncle house. I was 12 when I started to live in the street with my friends. I used to collect garbage on the street for food. Slowly I learned to use dendrite glue and smoking. At the age of 14, I was involved in prostitution, from that time I learned to use drug. As days were passing.   

I married a man whom I used to live in street.  I gave birth to two kids, one son and daughter while living on street. I got more into addiction. Even I try to kill myself and my son. After birth of my daughter I tried to stop using drug but I could not. I did not get any support from husband and later he died because of HIV. I got scared that I might have HIV infected and got tested and I was not. That was so relieving. 


When I was living at the street many organization came to help me but I always ignore them. It was then when I lost my husband, again few women came to visit me and encouraged me to get admitted at Rehab center. I was admitted by them in the Rehab center at Kathmandu and kept my children in children home. After few months I was discharged form Rehab center, I relapsed again in addiction and then attained 2 different Rehab centers. After getting discharged from Karuna Nepal, women empowerment organization provide me employment opportunity. Then I started to work and I was far away from addiction. I got a job in a company and I was doing well. Again I found someone to marry me and I marry him with a hope to have a better life. I never knew that struggle of my life would not end there, my husband started drinking alcohol and physically abusing me.  After that, I could not control myself and started drinking alcohol and neglecting the job that I had. 

 I was so deep in drinking that the organization I was working at sent me to ACN’s  Nawajeewan Treatment and Rehabilitation center for treatment on alcoholism. I was admitted on 19th January 2018 and got discharged in July 2018 after overcoming my addiction.

Before Nawajeewan Rehabilitation center, I had stayed 7 times in different Rehab centers but Nawajeewan was different. In Nawajeewan, I found a very lovely and caring environment, people are very kind and helpful to me. I felt like I found a family. I used to get lots of punishment in other rehab centers and torture which I could not express. But in Nawajeewan, I able to express myself, learned to love, respect and control my anger. I learned to read and write and household skills. I also understand the value of work.

 Today I am confident and never going to look back again. It’s been 15th months since I left alcohol. I am working and study in grade 4. I neglected my children in the past but not any more. I am going to take care of them properly. I want to give them a nice environment to grow. I want to be a role model for my children.

I would like to thank Purna Enterprise for sending me to Nawajeewan and Asal Chhimekee Nepal for providing me treatment opportunity and help me to overcome my addiction and help me to understand my value of life. 



Back to the Earthquake Resilient School


Susma Nepali tells a story about her school reconstruction in this video, which highlights the ACN response in Nepal Earthquake of 2015.

The devastating earthquakes of 25th April and 12th May 2015 were the most terrible catastrophic for Nepal in over 80 years. There was extensive damage to public infrastructures. The devastating Earthquakes destroyed 7,500 schools building, out of them 55 % of schools buildings were reconstructed, 25 % are under reconstruction and 20 % of schools building are waiting for reconstruction (Nepal Reconstruction Authority, NRA, Kathmandu).

ACN long term Earthquake Response program focused on Gorkha District, the epicenter of April 2015 earthquake for its recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation of affected families and communities.

ACN was involved in the reconstruction of damaged public infrastructures like schools and health posts which were priorities by the Nepal government as well.

ACN reconstructed four earthquake resilient schools in Gorkha District. Shree Janakalyan Higher secondary school was one of them. This school was completely destroyed by the Earthquakes of 2015. Students had to study in the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) made of Corrugated Galvanized Iron (CGI) sheets. There were difficulties for students and teachers in the temporary learning center (TLC).

On 21th May 2018 ACN handed over the Shree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School to the School Management Committee and local government of the Gorkha Municipality. The newly reconstructed school building has two blocks – each block consisting of eight rooms with facilities of disability-friendly toilets and drinking water system.

In total 271 students and 18 teachers are directly benefited with this newly reconstructed well-furnished school.

We would like to thank our funding partner kinderhilfswerk (KHW) Global – Care, Germany for partnering with us in this project. We also like to thank Siranchowk Rural Municipality, Gorkha and Shree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School for their kind cooperation in the reconstruction of this school.

We are glad to serve the affected communities.